3 Quincy Mass Date: 08/13/09 21:00
Location:Half Door Pub

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Live @ Haven Music Group
4 Date: 08/14/09 00:00
Location:Allston, MA

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5 Date: 08/22/09 20:00
Location:East Greenwich, RI

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Real's Lounge - **DUO SHOW**
10 Just a few paces away from the 145th Street 3 train stop, Real’s Lounge offers an unexpected, unpretentious den of activity: a D.J. booth at one end, a raised karaoke stage along an entire wall for the Tuesday-night action, and a pool table in a far corner. There are open-mike comedy sessions on Thursdays and, more auspiciously, good live jazz on Sundays. A disco ball does its slow rotisserie on the ceiling, while a large-screen television (flanked on each side by its small-screen disciples) dominates above the bar counter, belting out BET and sports. Silver balloons tied to tables sometimes protrude in flotillas across the generous floor space. — John Wheeler-Rappe Date: 08/26/09 20:00
Location:Real's Lounge

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